Three girls who met in college, who seemed to have nothing in common, found friendship based on circumstance and their love of books. Their post college journey has brought them even closer.
Through it all they have kept their sister-like bond tight and their blog page, Boyfriend Bookstand, keeps it even tighter.
When Haylie sees that she is going to lose her coffee shop, The Daily Grind, if she doesn’t make drastic changes she begins keeping secrets. A chance meeting with a flame that is still scorching her panties and an offer she can’t refuse, gives her the immediate, yet temporary, fix she needs to solve her financial problems.
When Haylie confesses her sins to Marley, Marley becomes hell bent on making her slight obsession with hot ass fitness trainer, Ryan Baker, and an author’s cry for help into a brand new business plan that will solve all their problems. Will her need for control and his insistence on it shatter the dream, or the lens?
In a constant state of post orgasmic bliss and finally realizes that letting her hair down, and getting her girly parts waxed has it's benefits. Victoria is ready and willing to try anything once and embraces the idea too.
Look out Nashville, the Boyfriend Bookstand girls are ready to bring it to you hot and hard.
~Clothing optional and batteries not included~